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Watermelon Mason Jar

These watermelon mason jars are the perfect addition to your summer party or BBQ! It also makes a great gift, or a bright addition to any room décor! This large mason jar is painted in a pink and chartreuse ombre with hand painted black watermelon seeds. Jar can be done in distressed or non distressed and with your choice of a jute bow around the rim.  

Jar size

  • Mini jars are 8oz and measure 4" tall with a 2 1/2" opening. The mini jars are great for holding treats for party favors or votive candles.
  • Pint jars are 16 oz and measure 5" tall with a 2 1/2" opening. The pint jars are great for holds silverware, straws, pencils, pens, makeup brushes, toothbrushes or small flower bouquets.
  • Quart jars are 32 oz and measure 7" tall with a 2 1/2" opening. The quart size jars hold larger bouquets as well as desk supplies such as scissors and rulers.

Jar care

Jar is not for drinking from and cannot be washed. Water can be placed inside for flowers. Dust with a dry cloth.

Listing Info

This listing is only for one watermelon mason jar but several can be ordered by changing the quantity. These painted jars are handmade items, therefore, no two will be the same.

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