Watercolor Peony Mason Jar©


Watercolor peony Mason Jar

This mason jar has hand painted watercolor peony. The design is only on the front, the remainder of the jar is a classic distressed white. 

**Please note, these are hand drawn and hand painted so the jar you order will have slight differences from the photo above.

Jar size

-32 oz measures 7 inches tall with a 2.5" opening.

-16 oz measures 5.5" tall with a 2.5" opening.

Jar care

Jar is not for drinking from and cannot be washed. Water can be placed inside for flowers. Dust with a dry cloth. Watercolor is sealed on to prevent paint from running if the jar accidentally gets wet, but it's still not recommended to wash it. 

Listing Info

This listing is only for one watercolor peony  Mason jar in your size choice.

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