Coral/pink peonies with lambs ear, lace and tulle hoop wreath - 8"


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Coral/pink peonies with lambs ear, tulle and lace hoop wreath

This hoop wreath is the perfect addition to your gallery wall, baby girls nursery, or as wedding decor.  

This hoop wreath features a dark walnut stained hoop with 3 coral/pink peonies, lambs ear and accented with cream lace and tulle hanging at the bottom. 

***Florals and greeery are secured on with floral wire and glue. While the back of the hoop shows the wire/glue. I make sure to make the front clean from wire and glue. 

Wreath Size

Wreath measures approximately 8" in diameter. 

Listing Info

These hoop wreaths can be hung easily using thread, fishing line or with a small nail in the wall. Multiple hoops can easily be attached with floral wire to create a beautiful piece of art work for above beds, cribs or party tables. I cannot ship multiple hoops attached so if you prefer the look, please purchase the hoops you like, arrange them overlapping on the floor how you would like, then simply attach with floral wire. 

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